Hollis Light Travel System (L.T.S.) BCD
Hollis Light Travel System (L.T.S.) BCD
Hollis Light Travel System (L.T.S.) BCD Designed for Traveling Divers and Warm Water Destinations Key-Features from Hollis Popular HD200 BCD Weight Integrated Back-Inflation Design Lift Capacity: 30lbs (13.6kg) Suitable for Single AL80's or Steel 85's Non-Modular Design Stows-Easy and Weights-Only 5lbs (2.27kg) Built-to-Last: Rugged 1000-Diener Nylon Wing 420-Deiner Urethane Laminated Internal Nylon...
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Hollis HD 200 BC Features Comfort, Function and Durability: Everything the Advanced Sport Diver Could Ask-For Combination of TECH/REC Features Ultimate Comfort and Function the Hollis HD200 Back Inflation BCD Heavy Duty Construction and Innovative Design make this BC the Best-in-Class Lift: 35 lbs (15.88kg) Bladder S & M Sizes...
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Zeagle Scout BC Features Zeagle Scout BC: Scout Represents Exceptional Value in a Lightweight Back Inflator System Low Profile Single Bladder with Elastic Retractor Manufactured from 1000-Denier Nylon with Internal Urethane Laminate 2-Zippered Utility Pockets for Gloves, Lights and Other Accessories Adjustable Torso Waist and Sternum Straps Elastic Waist Closure...
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A week's worth of travel friendly gear, no checked bags, under 20 lbs. Can your BC do this? The one size fits all JetPack combines the comfort of a BC harness with the performance of an adventure-style backpack. BC and backpack clip together for carry-on travel, protecting gear and saving...
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Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe w/Inflator and Hose
The Express Tech Deluxe Back Inflator BCD is an Ultra-Light Weight, Super Compact Traveling BC Pack with features never before found in a rig this small. The unique Back Plate is Reinforced with a Polymer material that gives the support needed and the flex desired for a comfortable fit. The...
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Zeagle Scout w/Inflator and Hose
Zeagle Scout BCD with Inflator, Hose And RE Valve The Scout represents an exceptional value in a lightweight system. It has a low profile single bladder with an elastic retractor, and a elastic waist closure. The weight system consists of two rear mounted pockets with a touch fastener release and...
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Zeagle Covert w/Inflator and Hose
Covert w/Inflator and Hose    
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Zeagle Ranger w/Inflator and Hose
The Ranger has been at the "top of the charts" for many yearsndash; for some very good reasons:The Ranger was the first BC to combine high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear flotation. Its introduction created a new category of buoyancy systems, and it is without doubt the...
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Zeagle Stiletto w/Inflator and Hose
The Stiletto is a rugged full featured but light weight BC, designed for divers who may do both warm and temperate water diving but don need the twin tank capability or higher lift of Zeagle's heavy-duty BCs. The Stiletto's extra durable reinforced 1000 denier nylon bladder material gives an extra...
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Harness HTS 2
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HTS (Harness Technical System) Sistema modular e minimalista: personalize para suas necessidades Facilmente conversível de cilindro simples (backpad almofadado) para dupla (com backplate) Backpad confortável com apoio lombar D-rings em inox nos ombros, quadris e entrepernas Múltiplos pontos para clipagem de acessórios Webbing padrão 2" (5cm), em nylon resistente Tiras ajustáveis...
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Colete Companion Travel
Colete equilibrador XS Scuba Companion Travel Ideal para viagens 40% mais leve que coletes tradicionais Peso: 2,26kg (5 lbs.) Lift: 13,6kg (30 lbs.) Design semi-asa, com inflagem dorsal Exclusivo "MicroPac", confere a estabilidade de um backplate rígido com o conforto de um backpack macio Tiras ajustáveis para melhor encaixe no...
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Zeagle Ranger BCD with Ripcord Weight System Features Zeagle Ranger BCD with Ripcord Weight System: Weight Integrated Back Inflation Designed Construction: Built-to-Last Reinforced Cordura 1050 Ballistic Denier Nylon Bladder Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Urethane Laminate Inner Bladder Harness: Torso Adjustable Shoulder and Dual Position Sternum Straps Waist with Elastic Cummerbund Waist, Shoulder & Sternum Straps: Equipped...
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